You matter

You are one of the most talented people in the country. You are committed to Canada’s values and energized by meaningful work. You are driven to expand your skills, hone your talents, and stretch your potential to the limit. And you want competitive compensation for your work.

The Service is proud of its diverse workforce, which represents the best that Canada has to offer, and promotes opportunity for advancement for all employees.


Balancing work and life

You have a life outside of work. We recognize the demands made by elite employment. We also know that our employees have families, private lives, and interests outside of work.

Our employees matter. You are our most important resource and we work to recognize your efforts. The work we do here is important and we therefore require a high level of dedication that sometimes demands shifts and longer hours. In support of your success, we offer various programs that help employees balance their personal and professional lives.


Career Development

It is imperative that CSIS stay ahead of our rapidly changing world. That’s why it’s essential that our employees continue to learn and develop professionally.

Employees can participate in courses and seminars, both internal and external, that allow them to develop new skills, acquire knowledge, or gain new perspectives in areas related to their jobs.


Pay and Benefits

You are extremely valuable, and CSIS rewards value with competitive compensation. Check our current career opportunities for salary scales. CSIS also offers a comprehensive benefits package that provides flexibility for the diverse needs of our employees.

  • Vacation: Employees begin earning up to three weeks paid vacation leave upon starting with the Service.
  • Sick leave: Employees earn monthly sick leave credits for a total of 15 days per year. Unused sick leave credits are carried over to future years.
  • Compassionate leave: Employees receive up to seven days of leave each year for family-related responsibilities, such as caring for a sick child or an elderly parent.
  • Health and dental plans: Employees and their families receive life, health, and dental insurance coverage, as well as income protection through long-term disability benefits.
  • Pension: Employees participate in a fully indexed pension for retiree and survivor benefits. (If you have an existing pension plan, you may be eligible to transfer your accrued pension benefits.)