FAQ - Education

Do I have to meet the educational requirements?

CSIS hires only the best and our recruiters adhere to the terms listed in each job profile.

Are there specific courses that I should take if I want to join CSIS?

Certain employment opportunities do require specific educational backgrounds, but the Service hires from a range of educational backgrounds. All educational requirements are detailed in the job profiles that are posted on our website.

Do I need a university degree to work at CSIS?

Certain positions do require a university degree, but the Service also hires people with college diplomas for many of our job postings.

Will CSIS request my post-secondary transcripts?

The Service asks for candidates’ transcripts to be sent directly to us from their post-secondary institution. However, it is not necessary to send your transcript with your initial application as we will only ask for this information after the successful completion of your first interview.

Do you recognize post-secondary degrees from international institutions?

We do recognize post-secondary degrees from international institutions, however it is the candidate's responsibility to provide a document confirming that his/her degree is recognized in Canada. These documents can be obtained through:

Foreign Credentials Referral Office