FAQ - Selection Process

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How much time does the recruiting process take?

On average, a letter of offer is sent to a new recruit approximately six to 18 months after the initial interview. The process length depends on a variety of factors, including the amount of candidates the Service is currently processing and the scope of life experience that must be verified for the candidate to receive a Top Secret Security Clearance.

How do I get my Top Secret Security Clearance?

During the recruitment process, CSIS provides candidates with the security clearance application forms. Once these are filled out and returned by the candidates, the Service conducts its background investigation. To prepare for the security clearance application forms in advance, the Service suggests compiling all your residential, employment, and travel information from the last 10 years in advance.

I already have a security clearance for my current job. Can that be transferred over to CSIS?

CSIS can use any previous clearances as a point of reference, but all candidates must complete the Top Secret Security Clearance forms, as well as a security interview and polygraph examination.

Who can I tell about my application?

Due to the nature of our work, we encourage discretion when applying for employment with the Service. We encourage candidates to discuss their application only with close family and friends.

Is there a medical examination?

There is no required medical or physical examination.