FAQ - You've Been Hired!

Are there opportunities to work outside of Canada?

CSIS has opportunities in countries around the world. Employees may apply for these positions internally. 

Are there opportunities for advancement?

The Service holds internal competitions that are available to employees on a regular basis. CSIS also offers leadership development programs for those seeking management positions. 

How long will I be on probation?

The probation period for Intelligence Officers is three years. All other employees must complete either one or two years of probation, depending of the position. 

If I’m hired, how long do I have to remain in the same job before I can apply for another position?

Intelligence Officers must wait two years before applying for advancement as a result of the mandatory development program. All other employees must wait one year prior to applying for a new position.

What are the employee benefits?

CSIS offers you a career with a difference and a comprehensive benefits package that provides flexibility for the diverse needs of our employees, including: three weeks of vacation, sick leave credits (fifteen days per year), compassionate leave (seven days per year), health and dental plans, and a pension plan. If you have an existing pension plan, you may be eligible to transfer your accrued pension benefits.

Is there on-site parking at all of your offices?

CSIS cannot guarantee parking to any employee.