Selection Process

We have career opportunities available to all Canadians who meet our standards and we hire a cross-section of the country’s best through a rigorous, time-consuming selection process.

As part of this selection process, you may be required to provide a significant amount of personal information. This information is required for Top Secret security clearance. Being honest in your application is critical; we verify all provided information.

As every stage in the selection process is completed, your application will be compared with others. The stages of our selection process include:

  • Assessment of your application for employment: Your potential to become an employee is initially based on a review of your application.
  • Information session: Potential candidates will be invited to an information session focusing on the mandate and role of CSIS , the duties of an employee, hiring criteria, and conditions of employment. (For certain positions)
  • Suitability interview: Candidates will be invited for an interview. You will have an opportunity to expand on your motivation and interest in CSIS , providing CSIS with an opportunity to assess your overall suitability in relation to the requirements of the position.
  • Psychological assessment: A CSIS psychologist will interpret a set of well-established psychometric tests and, through an interview, assess your suitability to work at CSIS.
  • Second language assessment: If you are bilingual, you will be required to undergo an assessment of the second official language. If you are not bilingual, you will be assessed on your ability to learn the second official language and training may be given to successful candidates.
  • Written communication assessment: A written communication test will assess your ability to write in a clear and concise manner. (For certain positions)
  • National assessment panel: An in-depth interview will explore your motivation, your knowledge of CSIS , and your general suitability for employment as an Intelligence Officer. (For Intelligence Officers only)
  • Security clearance: We will conduct an extensive investigation involving interviews with your references, verification of all personal information, criminal record name checks, and, where necessary, verifying information outside of Canada. A security interview, polygraph testing, fingerprinting, and the submission of a financial statement will assess the reliability of your loyalty.
  • Executive committee: You will be interviewed by a CSIS executive who will evaluate your overall suitability for a career as an Intelligence Officer. (For Intelligence Officers only)
  • Final assessment: A final review of all candidates is completed based on the results of the recruiting process. The purpose of this stage is to determine which candidates most closely match the requirements of the position.

Completing the entire selection process is time-consuming; it could take up to 18 months. These steps are necessary to ensure that we hire only the best candidates to tackle the unique challenges that CSIS provides.