Senior Translator and Reviser

Viewing Language as a Tool

Everyone has their own way of approaching new projects whether it be in the workplace or in day-to-day activities. After learning several languages while studying modern European languages in university, Evgeny no longer fears exploring the unknown. He views languages as tools for which he develops an understanding, “There is always a method to learn a new language. It is important to understand the syntax and origins of a word, for example, Latin or Greek” he says.

Evgeny’s methodical approach is also apparent when translating; he begins by carefully reading the source document to get a sense of the overall flow of words and marks anything that might stop him from reading. Afterwards, he returns to check the words that require clarifications to accurately translate the article by respecting the same writing style. Evgeny emphasizes that there is no room for ego in this field, “Not only do I check things I don’t know, I check things I do know, but for which I have doubts,” he explains, “then, I can start translating.”

As a Senior Translator and Reviser with Foreign Language Services at CSIS, Evgeny also has the opportunity to interpret languages, both simultaneously and consecutively. “Interpretation is similar to document translation, but when interpreting you have to perform right at that moment,” he adds. Since interpreters do not have the chance to refer to any linguistic tools, they must be extremely attentive and fully prepared. Considering this aspect of the profession is particularly demanding, usually two interpreters alternate every 20 minutes. Previous experience is essential in this line of work, since there is a very narrow margin for error. Having said this, in order to evolve as a translator it is important to learn from your mistakes. 

Above all, Evgeny prioritizes a proper balance in life, “I work with joy, I believe that is essential. I also believe it is important to be able to go home, put work aside and concentrate on my personal life. You need to be able to separate the two and I have succeeded to do so at CSIS,” he concludes.

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