Staff Relations Officer

Taking on Challenges From All Sides

The low employee turnover and the strong sense of belonging are two factors that Penelope finds reassuring at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). “Due to the great job opportunities, employees have the option of moving around in the organization. As a consequence, many end up spending their entire career here, ” she explains. Penelope has been working as a Staff Relations Officer in Personnel Services for six months. This position requires her to provide advice regarding policy, problems and complaints. Although she did not study in Human Resources, a series of events guided her to this current position at the Service. After completing a college diploma in Early Childhood Education, Penelope discovered that the field no longer appealed to her. She pursued her studies at university and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

Yearning for adventure, the young graduate decided to work on a cruise ship to see the world.  After visiting the Caribbean 39 times, she was ready for a more sedentary job. Penelope found a position in Human Resources in a staffing agency. While visiting, she came across a job posting at Personnel Services at CSIS. She applied and began the security screening process. A year later, she was settled in her new office, meeting and advising CSIS employees.  “Once I completed the security clearance, it was extremely rewarding to begin working at the Service,” she explains.

Although Penelope did not plan to work in Human Resources, her background led her to a position she now loves. Her travel experiences opened her mind to different values and cultures, which became an asset in the workplace; it helps her assess certain cases and broadens her understanding of human interaction. With her background in psychology, she is able to analyze situations while remaining impartial. Penelope enjoys resolving her cases, because she knows there is always another challenge waiting for her. “Personally, I don’t like repetitiveness in the workplace; here, I have new challenges coming from all sides, and it definitely keeps me mentally stimulated, ”she concludes.

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