Building a Family While Building a Career  

“I feel like there is a purpose to what I do...that I am doing something for my country,” says Stéphanie. After completing a Bachelor’s degree with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics, she decided to join the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), because she was intrigued by the line of work that intelligence services carry out. Stéphanie has been working as a Technologist at the Service for six years and she still finds the work intriguing and stimulating, “When I come into work in the morning, I never know what is in store for me,” she says. The dynamic environment in which technologists work presents different challenges and learning opportunities on a daily basis.

While working at CSIS, she has become knowledgeable in various fields, such as the inner workings of operating systems, network security, protocol analysis and intrusion detection systems. “In order to be successful in this position, I have had to be open-minded, a quick learner and able to work as part of a group,” Stéphanie explains. Technologists must have a logical mindset to thoroughly analyze situations, possess the capacity to identify priorities and display good  management skills. In addition, this versatile field also gives employees a chance to travel across Canada and, in some cases, work in cooperation with regional employees.

As a woman, Stéphanie believes that the Service offers great benefits and the flexibility to build a family which allow employees to plan for the future. She will soon be leaving on maternity leave for the birth of her second child. She looks forward to the rest of her career within CSIS, knowing that, as a technologist, there will always be intriguing challenges and opportunities for growth.

<<The employees' names have been modified to protect the privacy of our employees>>.