Work Environment

Intelligence matters

CSIS is an opportunity like no other; we offer careers at the forefront of national security to the most talented people in the country.

We value critical thinking and ethical practices, and offer a challenging, highly professional environment. Every day, CSIS employees work to ensure that Canada remains one of the best places in the world to live. CSIS offers more than a job; it provides an environment where you can build a meaningful and rewarding career that makes a difference to Canadians.

We’re always looking for talented and skilled individuals to join our team. We offer exciting employment opportunities. Diversity is an essential part of our mandate, and we hire employees from all backgrounds who represent the best and brightest that Canada has to offer.



CSIS offers a variety of assignments in Ottawa, as well as in other regions of Canada. These assignments are always challenging, substantial, and different — the foundation of a diverse and rewarding career.

Our state-of-the-art National Headquarters building is located in the hub of Ottawa's east end, steps away from shopping, restaurants, movie theatres, and other services. We have our own fitness centre, a large campus with green space for outdoor activities, and organize a range of social activities.

CSIS six regional offices are located in major cities across Canada.



We need Canadians from all backgrounds to help us protect national security. Collectively, CSIS employees speak more than 105 languages and 65 per cent of our employees speak both official languages. Our workforce is evenly represented by men and women and from our headquarters in Ottawa to regional offices across Canada and the world, CSIS reflects the diverse population we serve.

CSIS is always looking for Canada’s most talented and skilled individuals. As part of our core business strategy, we ensure that our programs and policies foster diversity and inclusion. In this context, CSIS actively supports and implements the Official Languages and Employment Equity Program in accordance with the Official Languages Act, the Employment Equity Act, and the Service’s policies.


The Diversity Management Unit

The Diversity Management Unit is responsible for the Employment Equity and Multiculturalism Programs as well as Workplace Accommodation. It also acts as an in-house advisor to provide support to managers and employees with respect to the Service's commitments and obligations under the Employment Equity Act and the Multiculturalism Act, their regulations and the related Service's policies. The team is also responsible for coordinating the Service's Advisory Committee on Diversity, initiatives and awareness activities related to employment equity and diversity.

Diversity and Employment Equity are of crucial importance in ensuring that CSIS has a diverse, innovative and responsible workforce fully capable of achieving its mission. The Service is driven by corporate values that foster a diverse working environment and is committed to ensuring that all employment policies, practices and standards are fully inclusive and provide all Canadians with equal and fair opportunities. Our policy on workplace accommodation, for example, provides support for people with disabilities - from recruitment to ongoing employment.

At the heart of the Service's Diversity Management unit's ongoing initiative towards a fully inclusive workplace, is our unwavering commitment to create a high-performance culture for all employees. This determination energizes the Service and allows us to reap the benefits of an engaged and diverse workforce.

Under the Employment Equity Act, the mandate of the section covers the annual Self-identification survey, responsibility for monitoring and reviewing the progress of the Employment Equity Plan, and prepares the Service's annual Employment Equity report to the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.

Official Languages

CSIS is firmly committed to respecting the obligations set out in the Official Languages Act, and to meet the specific requirements stemming from Parts IV, V and VI of the Act. In order to actively fulfill this commitment, CSIS promotes the Act through its Official Languages Program.

This program has implemented and continues to set out initiatives that includes the following key elements:

  • full-time language training;
  • part-time language training;
  • administration of second language testing;
  • translation and simultaneous interpretation services;
  • policy interpretation and support (for manager and employees);
  • promote the linguistic duality of Canada through initiatives, awareness and information sessions;
  • policy and procedure update;
  • monitoring on various levels namely for:
    • linguistic designation of positions;
    • effectiveness of the program;
  • reporting to the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (annual review).

CSIS fulfills more than its obligations under the Official Languages Act. Through its actions and its support, both in the areas of communications with the public, language of work, and equitable participation, it has demonstrated an ever growing commitment not only to the letter but also to the spirit of the Act.