Regional Offices

Ottawa Region

Po Box 9732 Stn T
Ottawa ON  K1G 4G4
Telephone: 613-998-1679
Toll Free: 1-800-267-7685 (available only in Ontario)

Ottawa Region is located in the National Headquarters building and privy to all of the amenities Headquarters has to offer. In fulfilling its mission critical role, Ottawa Region investigates and assesses national security and public safety threats giving our regional employees both challenging and rewarding work. The geographic area of responsibility extends in both the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, from Cornwall in the east, to Sault Ste Marie in the west and as far north as the base of Hudson's Bay.


Atlantic Region

Po Box 126 Stn Central
Halifax NS  B3J 3K5
Telephone: 902-420-5900

Atlantic Canada's Regional HQ office is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The office is situated in the downtown core of the city in walking distance among the various landmarks. In the heart of the city you'll find art galleries, museums, historic sites, sidewalk cafes and friendly nightclubs.  Everyone is drawn to the ocean - the crisp tang of salt air, fresh breezes surrounded the city,  a walk on the broadwalk will allow you to see ships from around the world.

Districts offices are located in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador ( where a person would experience a great seaport city that welcomed you with great humour and gentility.) and Fredericton New Brunswick which is considered Atlantic Canada's Riverfront Capital.  Nestled alongside the St. John River is a wonderful city which has a friendly and warm small town feel but offers visitors with the choices and diverse tastes of a cosmopolitan city.


Quebec Region

Po Box 2000 Stn A
Montréal QC  H3C 3A6
Telephone: 514-393-5600
Toll Free: 1-877-223-2265 (available only in Québec)

The offices of the Quebec Region are located in the heart of downtown Montreal, near the Centre Bell and numerous stores on Rue Ste-Catherine. You are also a few minutes from the train, metro, and main bus stations.

Montreal has many advantages: a network of bike paths stretching several hundred kilometres, an abundance of parks and green spaces, and exceptional cultural sites. Work at the Quebec Region offices, and you will be able to take advantage of its fitness centre. Furthermore, you will discover a city of knowledge, as well as a cosmopolitan, energetic and creative city.

Quebec District

The Quebec District is located in a neighbourhood not far from Old Quebec City. Skiing has the place of honour in this city which has numerous well-known ski slopes.

Known around the world for the richness of its history and culture, Quebec City is also a modern and dynamic city.  Come and experience the Carnaval de Québec and perhaps become one of the first spectators at the new sports centre when the new hockey team arrives in Quebec City!


Toronto Region

Po Box 760 Stn A
Toronto ON  M5W 1G3
Telephone: 416-865-1480

Toronto Region (South West Ontario) can be described in any manner of ways but it is the people that make up a region.  The encyclopaedia will tell you that South West Ontario is the most densely populated, growing, multicultural, multi-urban, industrialized area covering 65,992 square kilometres and is home to 9,712,804 people.

But it is more than that as it contributes a significant portion to Canada’s GDP and is home to many diverse sectors and industries important to our national economy such as manufacturing, energy, financial services, and increasingly, knowledge-intensive industries such as information technology, biotechnology and Research & Development. Southern Ontario has the highest and most ethnically diverse population of the country all of which adds up to contributing to a multicultural, vibrant, dynamic city where no matter your interest it can be accommodated-including 5 major league sports franchises.

is well represented with in Southern Ontario with offices in Toronto, Niagara Falls, Windsor and Pearson International Airport (PIA). 


Prairie Region

Po Box 47009
Edmonton AB  T5J 4N1
Telephone: 780-401-7800
Toll Free: 1-800-661-5780
(available only in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Thunder Bay)

Prairie Region is responsible for the execution of the Service’s mandate in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, northwest Ontario and the Northwest Territories. The region is comprised of a Regional Headquarters located in Edmonton, and four district offices: Calgary, Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg.  The total area of the region is in excess of 6 million square kilometres, representing approximately two-thirds of the total land mass of Canada and a landscape which includes the snow capped peaks of the Canadian Rockies, the rolling grasslands of the prairies, the forests of the Canadian shield and the Arctic Tundra of the north.

Once considered the “frontier” of the nation, this part of Canada is one of the fastest growing regions of the country, both in terms of population and economic importance. The economies of this region are quite diverse and include a vibrant oil & gas industry, robust gold, diamond, uranium and potash mining sectors, strong agricultural industries and world-class bio-medical research facilities and universities.


British Columbia Region

Po Box 80629 STN SOUTH
Burnaby BC  V5H 3Y1
Telephone: 604-528-7400

British Columbia Region is located in the heart of the Lower Mainland with a district office at the Vancouver International Airport. Enjoying exposure to a constantly growing and diverse cultural environment with easy access to nature rich with beauty and challenge, Vancouver is recognised internationally as a world class city.